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What is Language Justice?

...Developed at Highlander [Research and Education Center] and expanded now by many interpreters, organizers, collectives, and organizations all over the U.S. and beyond, language justice includes the right everyone has to communicate, to understand, and to be understood in our language(s). It entails a commitment to facilitating equitable communication across languages in spaces where no language will dominate over any other. Language justice is based in respect for the language rights of all people, including people whose languages have been exiled, disappeared, stolen or made invisible through processes of colonial violence. Language justice is a political foundation, a conceptual framework, and a set of tools and practices we can use in organizing and artmaking, in our civic life, our interpersonal relationships, our learning spaces, and our imagining and embodying of the world we wish to inhabit."

Language Justice Resources

These are only some language justice resources and in no way cover all the work that is being done on language justice.

Estos son sólo algunos recursos de justicia lingüística y no cubren en absoluto todo el trabajo que se está realizando sobre la justicia lingüística.

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