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Meet Sayuri

Brooklyn-based Interpreter and Consultant

Image: This is a headshot of Sayuri Gomez, a latinx woman sitting in front of a white backround.  She wears a sheer black cheetah print cardigan, bright red lipstick, and gold hoop earrings.

Headshot courtesy of Jillian Keats Photography

Sayuri Gómez is a community interpreter and consultant based in Brooklyn, NYC. 

Sayuri firmly believes that every person should be provided with interpretation services to make informed decisions, advocate for themselves, and fully participate. Sayuri collaborates with organizations and groups that focus on diverse issues and topics. Services are provided in person and remotely.


Sayuri Gómez radica en Brooklyn, cd. de Nueva York, y se desempeña como intérprete comunitaria y consultora.  Sayuri cree firmemente que toda persona debe recibir servicios de interpretación para tomar decisiones informadas, abogar por sí mismx y participar plenamente. Sayuri colabora con organizaciones y grupos que se centran en cuestiones y temas diversos. Los servicios se prestan en persona y a distancia. 

Hand Signals used for interpretation

Señales manuales utilizadas para la interpretación

Slower / Más Lento
One person at a time / Una persona a la vez
Louder / Más Fuerte
Repeat the last phrase / Repite la última frase


Sayuri is one of the most thoughtful interpreters that I have been able to work with throughout the last few years. Sayuri’s interpretation services are accurate, have a very organic flow, and also provide a space to highlight the importance of why our movement spaces need to center multilingual access, beyond just interpreting. Particularly as someone who identifies as trans and creates spaces for others to participate in English and Spanish, I value Sayuri’s commitment to language justice and culturally affirming language used to interpret and to address issues with our TGNCIQ communities, sex workers, and many more communities often left out.

- Mateo Guerrero, TGNCIQ Lead Justice Organizer at Make the Road New York

Name, Title

“Sayuri and I have collaborated for several large online events and I cannot recommend her enough.  She is professional, organized and a pleasure to work with.  I appreciate the language justice lens that she brings to all of her work and look forward to continuing to collaborate.“

- Dana Kurzer-Yashin, Overdose and Harm Reduction Trainer at National Harm Reduction Coalition

“Sayuri Gomez is a fabulous interpreter with impeccable command of both English and Spanish.  Our meetings are often filled with unfamiliar jargon, yet Sayuri’s interpretation clearly conveys the meaning as well as the terminology.  As a result of Sayuri’s skill, we are all able to understand each other better and tackle difficult conversations.  When it is time for a press conference, Sayuri is high on our list of desired interpreters for her professionalism and experience. Simultaneous interpretation is a phenomenal skill, and Sayuri is a master!“

- Joan M. Gregory, Co-Chair of Essential Needs & Language Justice Committee, The National Sanctuary Collective/Colectivo Santuario

Sayuri is an absolutely fabulous interpreter and I am so grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to get to know her over the past year. I first met Sayuri when I needed a last minute interpreter for an LGBTQ asylum interview for a client in summer 2020. Sayuri was professional yet empathetic, and did an excellent job interpreting an intense and traumatic narrative with poise and passion despite numerous logistical and technical hurdles. I was also subject of Sayuri’s interpretation when I was recently a panelist on an online talk that Sayuri translated, and she again impressed me with her nuance, empathy, and professionalism. Sayuri is a fabulous interpreter with a deep commitment to justice and empathy for the individual, and I will be sure to use her as an interpreter in the future.

- Lauren DesRosiers, Senior Staff Attorney at New York City Anti-Violence Project
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